Any family member knows the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany a loved one’s addiction. 

Having them enter treatment doesn’t stop that rollercoaster.  Many feelings, including relief, uncertainty, fear, and hope is common.  Families have their own pain, suffering and heartbreak around addiction.   

Weekly Celebration of Recovery gives family and friends the opportunity to see firsthand and learn more about treatment, the facility and the progress their loved one is making. 

When a client enters treatment, the initial days are dedicated to becoming assimilated to the program and learning the structure and flow of activities.  During this time, clients cannot leave the facility.  Family may visit during posted visiting times, usually weekends.  As the client gets settled and demonstrates progress, he will earn more free time to spend with their loved ones.  There are, of course, rules and guidelines that individuals in treatment must abide by.  Many clients come to us and have to relearn basic social and family skills, such as making their own bed and sharing chores.  Structure, discipline and time management are all built into treatment.  

Consequences are also built into treatment:  at any time a client or the entire facility can lose their free time if the counselors feel the clients need time to reflect and find focus on their treatment and recovery. 

One question we are asked frequently is “can I call to check on my loved one’s progress?”  At P90, we are federally mandated to hold a client’s mere presence in the program confidential, unless a client signs a release form naming specific people who can call and make inquires on their behalf.  It is only through this process that Project Ninety staff may speak freely.  If there is not a signed consent to release information Project Ninety will abide by the HIPAA privacy laws to protect a client’s information.

Stories from parents sharing their experiences as a parent of a child with addiction that went through Project Ninety’s program follow:

“My son recently celebrated his 4th sober birthday.  He’s now 40 years old but has only recently started living the life I always hoped he’d have.  He was out of our lives for about 5 years practicing the life of a drug and alcohol addict and is fortunate to have survived those years.

After two unsuccessful treatment stints at other local rehabs, he landed in jail at least three times from 2004 to 2006. When he was released for the last time in March of 2006, I took him to Project Ninety as a last resort to try to save his life.  He didn’t want to go because he didn’t think rehabs worked “for him” but I dropped him off at P90 and prayed he wouldn’t try to escape.  I knew I wouldn’t see him for the next 30 days and worried each day about how he was fairing.   

When I saw my son after his initial 30 days I was actually able to look into his eyes and see HIM, not the shadow of a scared boy-man from 30 days earlier.  He was starting to come back, to reclaim his life and each time I saw him thereafter (each week), his eyes were clearer, his skin was clearer and his smile was back.  He had begun embracing P90 and actually believed he could have a good life, in fact, he was determined to do so. After his initial 90 days in treatment, he opted to stay on and continue his work of recovery.

Today, he attends college, studying to become a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor and works for Project Ninety. He is a model citizen and the wonderful man I always knew he was.  Thank you, Project Ninety for giving my son back to me.” ~An ever grateful mom

“A few years back, I faced one of my worst nightmares – my son had become addicted to crack cocaine.  He was 26 years old and went from having a good job to none, from having an apartment to living out of his car, from having the trust of his family to losing it all.  His recovery began the day he admitted he was powerless over his addiction and sought help.  Help came through the grace of God and Project 90.  Project 90 provided the structure, tools, support and fellowship my son needed to find sobriety.  Even after completing the 90-day program, my son’s sobriety today is integrally linked to Project Ninety through his continued employment with them. I congratulate my son for making the right choices that work for him, and I especially congratulate Project Ninety for being the treasure chest of hope!”  ~ A grateful mother

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